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Why do I dance?

Why do I dance? Oh, Wow. I dance because I feel like I have to.

Contemporary dance. Very typically it has been very simply explained as being outward expression of an inward emotion, concept or idea.

What happens very often when people are watching contemporary dance is they’re trying to find the meaning in it. People can add their connection to it, their own personal experience, so that actually everybody gets something slightly different from it. The idea is not to just express my message but to get everybody’s message included in it, so that the audience experience is not just a passive thing. It actually becomes an active thing.

Very few of the other art forms engage us body, soul, spirit. Dance is one of the few that engages every part of who we are. If you say that a picture is worth a thousand words, well, we've got a moving picture. We've got thousands of words. Dance is actually giving us a whole plethora of artistic expression in a single form.

A lot of what happens in a person can often be suppressed, repressed. All of those silenced emotions the body ends up then housing those emotions. They don't disappear, but they stay in us, in our bodies, until it’s the right time to begin to express them. The physical actually gives voice to things that they never had words for. The body becomes the words where they didn't have words.

We as Christians have become disembodied, so that there's actually not a physical form that we add to our worship or our faith. One of the forums where dance is least appreciated is in the church. It's an unhealthy thing for Christians to cease adding their voice into the creative voice. Our voices need to be heard in there as well. If we keep not valuing our artists, our voice will keep disappearing.

If you talk to a dancer, there’s this sense they can’t not dance. Ultimately they have to be obedient to whatever God has put them here on Earth for. If God keeps asking them to dance, they actually have no choice, and the rest of us need to help them to find ways that they can keep doing that.

Become patrons of the art. Support artists. Find ways to make sure that our artists continue to have a means by which they can continue to pursue their art. Value your artists.

Why do I dance? I dance because I have to.